So much has been said about your will and success in business…

However today I would like to focus on a series of legal documents that will make sure that the fruits of your life’s work get used in the way you intended…. Your Last Will and Testament.

No one likes to think about dying or being incapacited by illness or injury … but guess what? it seems to be a requirement of living.

We here in Australia have a very laid back attitude which makes us vulnerable to financial and emotional pain when disaster strikes.

It is not rocket science to have all our paperwork in place giving us peace of mind in case something unexpected happens, nor does it take heaps of money … so take a few moments and make sure your hard work and financial situation is protected and your family and loved ones do not have to worry about finances.

While the requirements in different countries will vary … by mentioning some of our requirements here in Australia …hopefully it will get you to look at and review your situation.

A visit to your local newsagent will usually get you the required forms to have your will in place.

While you are in the frame of mind making sure your family is looked after … take a few minutes and consider a few more precautions.

Power of Attorney … just in case you are not able to attend to your affairs

Life and Income protection Insurance … make sure the money is there for essentials.

Advanced Health Care Directive… You will need to sit down with your doctor.

This is not any soret of legal advise and everyone’s situation is different … hopefully you will do something to protect your family before it is too late.


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  • Thank you so much for your wonderful advice. This is exactly what we need right now. I think everyone should consider having a life insurance. This will greatly benefit your family sooner or later on.
    Candice Michelle recently posted..אילוף כלביםMy Profile

  • Akos Fintor says:

    Hey Bryan,

    I have never in my life considered do deal with this in my life. Perhaps because I don’t have any kids yet and also I’m pretty young.
    However your post made me consider to do some research on the subject.
    Thanks for the eyeopener!

    Akos Fintor recently posted..Empower Network | Wait, Is That the REAL David Wood???My Profile

    • Bryan says:

      Hi Akos,
      Good to read your comments.
      It is understanderable that at a young age without any kids too your “will” would the last thing on your mind.
      It is a good idea to research.
      Bryan recently posted..Your WillMy Profile

    • Sooner or later Akos you will have a family. As of now, it is best that you should think about your future as well especially when you’re ready to marry and have kids. Take some time to know the importance of life insurance my friend.
      Candice Michelle recently posted..סולידריותMy Profile

  • Barry Wells says:

    Hi Bryan, always better to be safe than sorry mate.

    My aunt was aged 85 when she passed and even though we had nagged her for years to make a will she never did. As a result we have had to jump through every hoop put in front of us for nearly 5 years now and have only just got it sorted………… And even then it wasn’t what her wishes were it was what the law stated.

    There’s only one way to ensure our wishes are taken care of, put it in your will :)

    Thanks Bryan,

    Barry Wells recently posted..You Have The Passion For Working Online But What Comes NextMy Profile

    • Bryan says:

      Hi Barry,
      Thanks for your comments mate.
      This seems to happen very frequently in current times.
      People appear to want want want it is really sad.
      Thanks for sharing.
      Bryan recently posted..Your WillMy Profile

  • Catwoman says:

    I haven’t thought about writing a last will, I don’t like to think about death, it makes ma always moody. I think, the best way is to live our life, not to think about what will be when our life will be over….
    Catwoman recently posted..fogszabályozásMy Profile

    • Bryan says:

      Hey Catwoman,
      Thanks for the thoughts, unfortunatly I can’t agree with you as I do like to know that my loved ones are looked after i am gone.
      Bryan recently posted..Your WillMy Profile

  • Great advice Bryan. I don’t have a will, not because it bothers me to think about it – just never got around to it. But I do actually have it on my list of priorities for this year – thought I’d take care of it at the same time I get those pesky taxes done. Thanks for the inspiration!
    marquita herald recently posted..The Journey from Near Extinction to Cultural RenaissanceMy Profile

    • Bryan says:

      Hi Marty,
      We do seem to file it away in the background.
      Good to know that it is on your to do list.
      hanks for calling over and leaving your comments.
      Bryan recently posted..Your WillMy Profile

  • Anna says:

    I’ve found it always morbid to write a last will, when we are young yet and active. It isn’t a time for thinking about death, I think.
    Anna recently treatmentMy Profile

    • Bryan says:

      Hi Anna,
      I can understand you thinking but remember all you are doing is making sure your possessions are left to loved ones and not distributed by the state.
      Remember it is not only the old that die.

      Thanks for calling over and leaving your comments
      Bryan recently posted..Your WillMy Profile

  • Rick Lelchuk says:


    I can see by some of the responses that this is a very sensitive subject. No one likes to think of their own demise, no matter how natural and permanent the process really is. But, knowing that your loved ones are cared for because you took the time to plan for them is a gift.

    Great advice and thanks for spurring those on who have yet to put these instruments in place.

    Rick Lelchuk recently posted..We’re Certified! And, That’s a Big Deal!My Profile

    • Bryan says:

      Hi Rick,
      Thanks for your comments.
      So true! people do not like to think about their eventual demise even though we know it is a part of living.
      Good to see you here.

      Bryan recently posted..Your WillMy Profile

  • Kostas says:

    Hi Bryan,
    Even though I am too young to have a will I understand its importance, especially if you have a family that relies on you, so I will certainly start thinking about it when this time comes, thanks for sharing…
    Kostas recently posted..How to Build Your Brand On PinterestMy Profile

    • Bryan says:

      Hi Kostas,
      Thanks for your visit and comments.
      I agree that when I was young I did not worry about a will.
      However as I mentioned above it is not only the old that need a will.
      Bryan recently posted..Your WillMy Profile

  • When you have deployed as much as I have while serving in the military you learn very quickly how valuable having these documents all in order. You never know what is going to happen from one day to the next and you need to prepare. If not for your sake, but for the sake of your families.

    • Bryan says:

      Hi Clint,
      Good to see you here and thanks for your comments.
      With experience comes wisdom … we do need to look after our loved.

      Bryan recently posted..Your WillMy Profile

  • Since I have deal with taking care of my grandmother and mother in their goldne years I have dealt with these legal documents before. I hadn’t done them for myself and realize that I should get these documents for myself. Thanks for the reminder.
    Joyce Edwards recently posted..What Happened to Lard?My Profile

    • Bryan says:

      Hi Joyce,
      These are things we seem to put off and never seem to get around to getting the paperwork in order.

      Thanks for calling over and leaving your comments.

      Bryan recently posted..Your WillMy Profile

  • pete chapman says:

    Hi Bryan,
    You have identified a very interesting topic….. and I would definitely agree that we need to be prepared and inform others about our desires for when we pass.

    I am of an age where I have had to say goodbye many times and there has always been some slight confusion when preparation has not been made.

    Buried, cremated? Who gets what? Best prepare and then those who remain do not have it so difficult.

    Best wishes

    pete chapman recently posted..What Made The Difference For Me – Tony Robbins, UPW!My Profile

    • Bryan says:

      Hi Pete,
      Thanks for calling over and sharing your thoughts.
      There is so much sorrow when we loose a loved one … I am sure they do not need the added worry they would have if we did not leave a will.
      Bryan recently posted..Your WillMy Profile

  • Julie says:

    I haven’t thought about my last will yet, I don’t think it would be necessary for me. I don’t own much goods, and after I die, they all will go to my son. That’s simple, so I don’t need to write a will.
    Julie recently posted..cosmetic dentistry londonMy Profile

    • Bryan says:

      Hi Julie,
      I can understand where you are comming from … however please do not take for granted that your son will automatically get everything you own … it does not always happen.
      It does not take very much time or effort to make out a will.
      Having said that if you are comfortable with your situation so be it.
      Bryan recently posted..Your WillMy Profile

  • Michael says:

    It’s a really important thing to leave behind instructions for how your estate is going to be handled when you pass. So many people treat making a will is something they can get around to if they need it. But it is one of those things that everyone is going to need.

    Passing is one of those universal things that occurs to everyone, and it is going to be difficult for the people you leave behind anyway. No sense in making it any more difficult for them than it has to be.

    A great reminder, Bryan, thank you.
    Michael recently posted..Because My Mom Said SoMy Profile

    • Bryan says:

      Hi Michael,
      So true!
      I think people just do not like to think about death …
      Thanks for calling over and leaving your comments.

      Bryan recently posted..Your WillMy Profile

  • Such a great and helpful legal advice that need to consider. It is really important to have a last will of testament because we actually don’t know when we are dying or probably died, so it is much better to prepare. Thanks Bryan for such great and helpful advice I will keep it in mind.
    Danyelle Franciosa recently posted..Brisbane Bifold Doors Newstead – Quality Brisbane Bifold Doors Supplying Newstead AreaMy Profile

  • Tom Burt says:

    Great advice Bryan. It’s better to have a say so in what happens to your money and property after you’re gone, than to leave it up to the state to decide.
    By the way what is a “newsagent” ?

    Tom Burt
    Tom Burt recently posted..Lent and Our Preparation for Easter by Les KizerMy Profile

  • Holly says:

    Good points made!! I have don’t he life insurance thing (I actually call it death insurance!!), but the others I keep puttin off!! Thanks for the reminder!
    Holly recently posted..Hooked Into Another Weight Loss Miracle?My Profile

  • Kevin DeRoo says:

    Hey Bryan,

    Your article serves as a gentle reminder to us all that we need to have a Will and related documents prepared sooner rather then later so that our loved ones will have less worry about after we pass.

    Not only should we prepare these documents at a reasonable age but also we should make it a point to revisit them once every two to five years to make changes if necessary.

    Thanks so much for the reminder Bryan.

    Kevin DeRoo recently posted..Facebook Fan PagesMy Profile

  • Sharon says:

    Thank You Bryan
    You are right Wills are not something that most people think about and they should be.
    I would not want to leave such a burden on my family if something were to happen to me.
    Thank You Again

  • Hello Bryan, Great advice. Thank you for laying this out simply and in a clear way. My husband and I do not have our wills done as of yet but I am going to get it done. I see more people talking about it’s importance and frankly…I know we are being irresponsible in this matter…Thanks for the reminder! ~ Nathalie
    Nathalie Villeneuve recently posted..Embrace Your LeadershipMy Profile

  • Hi Bryan,
    Yes, I have learned your message first-hand. My husband died last year from a terminal illness. Sadly, he left us without life insurance, no will ( had one signed on his death-bed) and without any provisions for his family. Thankfully, I am resourceful, we are doing great and I will never leave my three sons without provisions! Having one’s affairs in order is something each one of us must do, don’t wait until it is too late or almost too late. BTW, my husband was only 54 if you are thinking he must have been old!!

    Best wishes,
    clare@holistic health recently posted..Enjoying the Holistic Health Benefits of Champagne and Dark Chocolate!My Profile

  • Nile says:

    I do have a will, even though I am only 31. I am divorce, and where I live, it is required that if I pass, that my insurance goes to my son or if he is not old enough, his father to hold onto it. Wills are important. My stepbrother passed away when he was 26 in a car wreck. He did not have a will, but the people who ran him over, their insurance paid everything to my stepmom, who in return, turned it over to his son and his son’s mother. So, you never know when it will happen I say.
    Nile recently posted..Why Anonymous Blogging Is Not for Serious BloggersMy Profile

  • waterpearls says:

    Hi Bryan,
    Life is very unpredictable and we dont know whats come next therefore it is good to have life insurance.
    waterpearls recently posted..Muscle Building For Vegans: The optimal dietMy Profile

  • Pete Goumas says:

    Hi Bryan,
    You have given a very wise advice and this advice is useful especially for young generation because if we dont think about financial security then it could be a serious problem later in life.
    Pete Goumas recently Coupon & ReviewMy Profile

  • Hi Brian, great advice. I have just been nagging my parents to get a will set up after they had kept putting it off, the thought of having to deal with the red tape and law of the land after their death really frightened the life out of me. I suppose that I should also have one ready too, after all I should practice what I preach!
    Cindy@Premier recently posted..Personal loans for debt consolidationMy Profile

  • Stevie Smith says:

    Even if I’m afraid to die in the end, i wanted to make sure that the future of my kids will be settled. That’s why, I had made my will even before i read your blog. Life is too short and we can’t predict when will be the last breath for us.
    Stevie Smith recently posted..Are You Satisfied With Where Your Website Currently Ranks?My Profile

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